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Sunday Program

Sunday Program 

Grades 2-7                            If you are interested in having your 1st grader participate, please contact us.

Meets 9:30-11:30am          Begins Sunday Sept 22

School Principals: Eli and Kara Rosenberg


Here is what a typical Sunday school day looks like:

  • Each Sunday there is a short greeting, language instruction focused on decoding, a short "t'fillah" service where children practice prayers in a service context, Judaic values lesson, and community singing.
  • Once per month, we have an open community day for Hebrew School families and families who want to learn more. For part of this day, we will have whole-school hands-on activities, singing, blessings, and bagels.
  • We offer two Judaic values lesson curricula. The first, generally taught for younger students, will use literature and hands-on art lesson materials from Shalom Learning's activity-based 2nd grade curriculum. The second, generally taught for older students, will use literature, video, and lesson materials from Shalom Learning's discussion-driven 6th grade curriculum. We will adjust the content of both curricula to be age appropriate for each group. If you are interested in learning more about the Judaic values lesson curricula or seeing sample lessons, please see the Shalom Learning website.

For more information, please contact

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781