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Space Use Policy

Use of Beth Jacob Synagogue’s physical building for other than Synagogue-sponsored events/activities will provide free or affordable space for groups and individuals whose goals and/or activities are compatible with Synagogue principles. Such use is encouraged as long as it does not conflict with Synagogue-sponsored events/activities, and is consistent with responsible stewardship of the building and grounds.

Users will normally be asked to pay for the use of our building and grounds as follows:

● Meetings up to two hours - $50

● Celebratory events (bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, party) - $300

● Meetings up to four hours - $150

● Meetings whole day - $300

Members of Beth Jacob Synagogue may use the building and grounds at a discounted rate as follows:

● Meetings up to two hours - $25

● Celebratory events (bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, party) - $300 (no discount)

● Meetings up to four hours - $100

● Meetings whole day - $200

All users of the synagogue building will be expected to carry their own liability coverage and hold Beth Jacob Synagogue harmless from any direct or indirect liability for the building and grounds and their use. Beth Jacob Synagogue assumes no liability for any individual or property damages arising from use of the Beth Jacob Synagogue building and grounds. Users will be charged a $100 security deposit for all events. The deposit will be returned after the event if the building, grounds and synagogue property are left in clean, undamaged condition, and as required by the Building Use Agreement. Start-up groups and/or parties without means to pay may be given a discount or free use of the space, as negotiated by the Board Executive Committee (“E.C.”). Factors that may affect the decision to charge less or allow free use of the space

- The group is sponsored by a Board committee or Adult Ed. Committee as part of its community outreach work.

- The group agrees to barter in-kind services to the Synagogue.

- The group has no budget and/or no means of support.

The Program Director will track all use of Synagogue facilities.

Whenever possible, building use fees should be paid prior to the scheduled event. In addition to these fees, and even if no fee is charged, a security deposit will be required of all users, except that the Program Director may waive the security deposit for recurring users with a proven reliability record. The security deposit must be received before the scheduled event. If the user violates the conditions of building use, their security deposit may be forfeited and/or they may be denied further use of the building in future.

A contract (“Building Use Agreement”) will be signed by all users of the building, whether paid or unpaid. (When the group’s contact person changes, the agreement should be updated.) New users will be given instructions as to their responsibilities regarding care and upkeep of the building. The instruction will consist of at least a written checklist, and preferably also an inperson demonstration whenever possible. The instruction will include: (a) if applicable, an explanation of the particular user’s cleaning responsibilities (including where cleaning materials are located); (b) the location where the checklist and key are to be turned in; and (c) notification to the user that occasional spot checks will be made by Synagogue personnel.

Synagogue property may not be borrowed for use off-premises without explicit permission from the Executive Committee.

Other relevant documents: Building Use Agreement, Checklist for Users

Revised Aug. 2019

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784